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Adventures in Fixing a Flat

Fixing a flat tire on a Nohola Cargo bike
Steven's bicycles in Fresno, fixing a flat tire on my Nihola Cargo Bike

My Nihola Cargo Bike is propped up on a box so the the tube can be replaced

The thing is, even a bicycle requires maintenance from time to time.  The good news however is, that the up-keep for a bike, or even a cargo trike, is usually minimal and much less expensive than a car. Today I rode to, Stevens Bicycles to fix my left front tire which had been running flat. Now, I am not opposed of pumping a little bit of air each morning into the tire, it only takes about a minute, but having to pump air into a low tire twice a day is just getting out of hand.  The inner-tube had a small, almost imperceptible hole which was causing the leak in question.


Imperceptible hole on the tube.

I probably could have replaced the tube myself, I have done it once or twice in the past, but I’d rather have somebody else do it for two-reasons: first- It would guarantee that it was done right, second- it would get done faster.  I paid a grand total of $8 to have the tube replaced (very reasonable I think). And to help prevent future holes the mechanic, Chuckles (yes that was the name he gave me), put in a little bottle of sealant into each tire. Grand total for everything was $32. Compare that price to replacing even one tire on a car and you are definitely saving money.


The repair shop at the bike shop

Although the service was fast, it really did not take long at all, maybe 20 minutes max. However, twenty minutes was simply  not fast enough for my three little boys, the two that are mobile were running amok and I had to get them out of the shop. My middle child, the two-year-old, had fallen flat on his face and bonked his head on a shelf within the first ten minutes, and for his own safety we left the store while the mechanic finished up his work.  We went and had pancakes at an adjacent restaurant. My poor little boy, he just runs and falls and crashes into stuff all the time. I am not sure how to stop it from happening, reckless running just seems to be embedded into his genetic code. Just last Friday he fell on his face while we were walking (he was running as usual) through target and gave himself a bonk on the head and a bloody nose. When I saw blood I groaned and thought, “Oh great, he finally knocked out a tooth.” Fortunately however, it was not anything so serious and he was back to his happy self within 10 minutes.


Steven’s Bike shop in Fresno, CA

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