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I have been thinking a lot recently about how to have a more active lifestyle. I am not a person to hang around a gym, it really isnt my scene. I like to hang out anywhere where there are toys or obstacles that will keep my boys entertained while and I sit in relative peace and quiet for more than five minutes at a time. Unfortunately, those places are quite rare and tend to revolve around unhealthy food.

I used to run a lot, but with the newest addition to my family 5 months ago, our 2-seater B.O.B. stroller cannot accommodate my 3 children. Whats a mom to do?  I have really been wanting to start riding my bike again, I haven’t ridden a bike as a means of transportation since college.  I have always loved riding bikes, but the problem, once again, has been how to accommodate three kids plus myself. The kids are always with me, so whatever activity I choose has to involve them to some extent, or at least keep them busy and out of the way while I work out. I tried to yoga videos not too long ago, but that was a disaster. As soon as I laid down on the mat my kids thought it was a signal to start wrestling. Hard to do downward dog with a kid on your face.

As I was searching for solutions on how to ride a bike with a large family I came across something I have never seen or heard of before – cargo bikes. You can learn more about cargo bikes in a later post.  Cargo Bikes come in all shapes and sizes and can accommodate even small budgets with a little ingenuity. This idea is intriguing to me because mothers in Europe somehow manage to function without a car, yet I have trouble getting places in my big SUV.  I don’t understand why I am always drained after even a small outing. For some reason, loading three wiggly, energetic boys into a car and to driving someplace takes a ton of effort!

While I was up one night contemplating cargo bikes for my family, and getting excited about the prospect of having one, I began to believe that this could change my life for the better in a big way. Then the thought occurred to me that I could document my adventure and lifestyle changes in a video blog and share it with anyone else looking to downsize and make a change. I love to write so a weekly blog throughout the duration of my experiment would also be very helpful in documenting this journey.  One domain name purchase later and TA-DAAA!! We have a blog!  This blog will document what I learn about cargo bikes, biking with kids, living without my car, and my sanity (or should I say insanity) throughout the process.

Wish me luck!


Much love,


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