My Family Bike

My first Week on Wheels

One week and two days ago my new Nihola family cargo tricycle arrived.  It came fully assembled and practically ready to ride, although some minor tweaking was needed, such as tightening a bolt here and and there. I have been riding all over the place and to say that I have been having a blast would be an understatement! This trike is a “neck-braker” I get all kinds of looks from everyone everywhere I go, people straining their necks to see what the heck I am riding. I have literally had people pull their car over and ask me where I got it!  I have been riding my kids to school every morning  it is just under 2 miles to get there, and then picking them up almost every afternoon. I must say, riding a bike makes the drop-off and pick-up chore a breeze. In the morning, I can just scoot right around the long line of cars that are lined up waiting to get to the drop off zone. Plus, I get to cycle right up next to where my son lines up for class on the blacktop and watch him get there safe and sound instead of dropping him off where I cannot even see him once he gets on campus.  But what I have really enjoyed is pickup time. With children in kindergarten, at least at my son’s school, you have to pick the kids up from their classroom, which would not be a big deal except I have a two-year-old and a small baby. Doing anything with a two-year-old and a baby is a huge hassle and I have always hated this part of my day.  Toddlers have this amazing ability of throwing tantrums at the worst possible times, such as kindergarten pickup on a hot day when you forgot your stroller, so you are forced to carry a heavy car-seat in one arm and a screaming heavy toddler in the other arm all the way up your 5-year-old’s classroom. Fun times.  But it is so incredibly easy riding a bike. I can now literally ride right up the school’s walkway and just park my bike 20 feet away from his classroom. I don’t even have to get the kids out! My life has definitely improved in this area.

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Room for all three boys in the Nihola 4.0 Cargo bike. Say cheese!

Six days ago I went on my longest ride yet, I loaded the kids in and we rode all the way to Costco, about 6 miles round trip. We took the backroads because those are less busy, it added maybe half a bile to the route, but it was worth it. My legs were like jelly, I was so happy to have the electric assist. My husband really wanted me to go ahead and buy the electric assist system for my bike and I was reluctant to get it because of the cost. Tt was an extra $800 for the setup and I didn’t want to pay for it, but I was blessing his name and singing his praises on that trip because I would not have made it without it! The electric assist did not take the work away entirely, I still had to pedal and I still had to push, but it took a lot of the weight off when I needed it too.

I love having all the kids in front of me where I can see them easily. I love watching my baby’s happy little face as we peddle around, and I love being able to chitchat with my older boys while we go places. I can also play referee very easily when needed. So when the boys start to fight I can easily intervene; as a bonus I can see who started the fight. It also makes it very easy to navigate, I can accurately and easily judge where my bike will fit and where I can and cannot go. The turning radius is so tight that I can easily ride on a sidewalk. I can ride my tricycle anywhere a wheelchair can go. There are still some kinks that I need to work out before I start my 6 months without a car, but I am figuring them out as I go.  Hopefully I will be ready to start soon.

Family cargo bike, family cargo trike, Nihola 4.0 red, Bakfiet, biking with kids, how to bike with a family, how to bike with young kids, how to bike with more than two kids, family bicycle, family tricycle

Eating bananas for breakfast on the way to school in the Nihola 4.0 family cargo bike

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  1. Shawnale

    I think it’s awesome! I love being able to ride with you! Just wish i didn’t have so many things going on to interrupt my week. But I look forward to our riding time and conversations. 🙂 enjoy friend! Be safe!

    1. Samantha (Post author)

      Thanks for leaving a comment Shawnale, you are my first one! I love riding with you too, it is so fun to have somebody to talk too. See you soon my friend!


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