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Playing the Waiting Game

Family bike, family cargo trike, Nihola 4.0, Riding a bike with kids
Family bike, family cargo trike, Nihola 4.0, Riding a bike with kids

My Nihola 4.0 cargo tricycle being assembled in Copenhagen. I love the red!!

In six weeks (maximum) I will be the proud new owner of a beautiful Nihola 4.0 family cargo tricycle! It was hand built in Copenhagen (which is in Denmark- I had to look it up on Google Earth, thank you California HS Geography for failing me once again).   ANYWAY, after being custom hand built by the fine people at Nihola in Copenhagen, my beautiful new bike has set out to cross the ocean and hopefully will reach me in one piece six weeks from now.  It is so hard to wait this long when I wanted to have my new bike, yesterday basically.  It is mid-February and in Fresno this is the most beautiful time of the year. Now through the end of March, spring is in the air, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the trees are blossoming. It will not be long before the long-sweltering days of summer set in and all things green shrivel up and die. But all good things are worth waiting for, and the Bike has a very long way to travel before reaching its new home.

My dear friend Tina encouraged me by saying that I should take this time to, “Get all the leg work done.” And there is a lot of ‘leg work’ that I can do in the meantime. One project that I am undertaking is an informational video about bicycle safety.  Last Sunday I was able to interview a police officer in uniform who works for the Fresno Police Department. It was no small task to get permission from the Police Department to film this interview, and I am proud that I was able to get their consent. I interviewed the lovely, yet deadly, Officer Stevens and she nailed it; she did not seem nervous at all in from of the camera.   On the other hand, I had a more difficult time speaking in front of the camera. I think it due to my deep-seeded fear of public speaking. Although there were only four people present during the filming, the idea that this video will go on the internet for anyone to see it kind of intimidating.  My husband encouraged me by saying that it is during these times when we feel uncomfortable and unsure, that give us the opportunity to grow the most. And I feel as if I have grown a lot with the amount that I have already accomplished.  Another example of me stepping outside of my comfort zone in this project is that I contacted the manufactures in Denmark directly to see if they would help sponsor this endeavor.  I sent an email to them using a form on the Nihola website, not even expecting a response, and they emailed me the very next day agreeing to help! I could have gone the easy route and just ordered my bike from a dealer like everyone else, but I tried something new, and it worked. It is all very empowering, and it has given me a lot of confidence to keep pursuing this project and to keep reaching out and to try new things.


My tricycle packed and on the truck for shipping. Bon Voyage! I will see you in 6 weeks!

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